Jeff Hamson, Realtor

When I was looking for a house, a family friend referred me to Jeff Hamson of Edina Realty. Jeff's real estate license number is 20495721. Jeff knew that this was my first experience as a buyer working with a Realtor and that I was shopping for my first house. Jeff had me sign all documents electronically by clicking, rather than going over them with me in person. When I expressed my concern over the disclosure waiver, Jeff said that it was very common, no big deal, and that if I challenged it, it would slow down the entire process and I would probably lose the house to other bidders. Prior to the sale, Jeff knew about several of the problems with the property, but he did nothing to sway me from this first-time home purchase. After the closing, Jeff became aware of the growing number of problems with the plumbing, structural issues, and so on. He suggested that I work through Edina Realty's arbitration service rather than take a more formal legal route that would offer more options. An estimated $70K-100K is needed for repairs on our property that Jeff closed at $174K. The media began to take notice when our house problems went from bad to worse. In response, Jeff authored an article for his real estate team's customer newsletter explaining the importance of choosing a Realtor who will look out for your interests because there is no such thing as a "lemon law" for houses. In contrast, we are left feeling that Jeff Hamson's primary interest was collecting his $4,769 commission at the closing, rather than steering us away from a predatory remodeler. While we have no issues with our friends at Edina Realty, I would not do business with Jeff Hamson again.