Paul Roald Evenson, Unlicensed Remodeler

Remodeling work was done on our house by Paul Roald Evenson. His birthday is July 31, 1977. Paul lives at 350 Oakwood Dr #14 New Brighton, MN 55112. Paul's phone number is 612-387-8197. His facebook username is 'Stolenfates'. In a statement collected by an Anoka County investigator, Evenson claims that he was hired by his friend, the Seller, to hang some drywall and lay some flooring at our property. Evenson says that he checked the internet to make sure no permits were needed for this work, and that all other work (plumbing, electrical, structural, HVAC, etc.) was already done before he began his work. Evenson says the Seller paid him about $500 in cash for this work, and that no paper trail exists. Evenson was present at the closing where he had power of attorney for his friend, the Seller. Evenson's name was hand-written into the closing documents. At the closing, Evenson was boasting that he once refused to comply with a building inspector's orders during an argument over building code. Whether in whole or in part, Paul Evenson is responsible for remodeling our home, and is a highly-trusted associate of the Seller. I would not do business with Paul Evenson again.