Rain barrel installed

As Amáda and I are very conscious about sustainability, we decided to install a rain barrel on one of our gutters. This is the first of three that will be built around the house.

Correcting the grade

Amáda starts hauling loads of dirt, one wagon-load at a time to back-fill the deck footing holes and correcting the grade.

Meanwhile, I clean up the framing under the foundation overhang, and add some insulation.

Another rain barrel riser

Amáda uses retaining wall blocks to build another riser for a rain barrel.

I finish the foundation overhang with treated plywood and new soffit panels.

Window well added

I install a window well around the surprise basement window we discovered.

Amáda continues to haul loads of dirt and raise the grade beneath the new deck footprint.

Covering the window well and fixing siding

I added a cover to the new window well.

Later, I used expanding foam and concrete patching to repair the damaged insulation around the foundation. I also replaced some old cedar siding on the dining room addition that was inappropriately fashioned around the old deck stairs. This was stained to match the existing siding.

Grading the side yard, too.

I haul the remainder of the fill dirt from the driveway to the side yard, where we will use it to correct the grade there.

Dirt used to correct the grade in a side yard.

Covering the grade with gravel

I begin hauling the gravel from the driveway to the new grade repair area beneath our deck project.