A breath of fresh air

Readings around the furnace suggest that something is wrong with the fresh air intake. The duct is just a flexible hose, so I thought it might be pinched somewhere.

A furnace flexible fresh air intake is shown kinked in a few places.
A flexible fresh air intake hangs from a basement ceiling, sagging in the middle.

I discovered that the fresh air duct was not really attached to the outside of the house. Instead, it was simply resting in front of the rim joist in front of the exterior vent. The vent collar was missing, so there was nothing for the duct to attach to. That’s like breathing through a snorkel that’s only touching your lips. What’s more, the vent only lined up with half of the hole in the rim joist. That’s like breathing with only one nostril. At minimum, I’ll have to replace the rusty exterior intake vent in order to fix this.

A flexible fresh air intake where it meets the rim joist of a house.
A rusted fresh air intake, removed from the exterior of a house.

My plumber also returns to move my laundry drain pipes to their final location. He only moves the drains, so he’ll have to come back and do the water pipes later. I ask him to leave some of the venting disconnected while I finish insulating the basement wall.