All electrical repairs complete!

Electrical service panel with the cover off showing neatly organized and labeled breakers.

I have completed all of the electrical repairs in the entire house. This is first time everything has worked properly in 5 years. I mapped every circuit in the house, re-wired them to eliminate unnecessary junction boxes, repaired faulty circuits, and re-balanced the load to each breaker. I even managed to do it by re-using 75% of the old wire, wire nuts, wire staples, and so on. Better yet, I was able to fish new wires from either the basement level or the attic without demolishing any of the finished walls on the main level. Now, the lights are steady, even when the garage door opens, the refrigerator pump kicks in, or the laundry machine changes cycles. The lights even seem to turn on just a bit faster. With these repairs completed, I’ll feel a whole lot better about covering up the walls knowing that all of the wiring behind them is properly balanced, 100% to code, and organized logically.