Rain water leaks through the roof and basement floor

Heavy rain saturate the Twin Cities for 4 days straight. I am immediately worried because the house does not have gutters on the two long edges of the roof… a project I’ve had to put on the back burner while I dealt with other emergencies.

The area of the west wall that had ice dam problems in the winter starts letting in rain water, and fast.

The same bedroom soffit that was previously leaking from ice dams is now leaking even more with rain water. I am fairly certain this problem is worse than ice dams, and I begin to suspect foul play.

In the basement, small fractures form in the self-leveling concrete of the laundry room floor. Hydrostatic pressure beneath the foundation causes moisture to seep in.

The water begins seeping in faster, flooding part of the laundry room. The self-leveling concrete re-softens, forming bubbles and waves. The only part of the basement where rain water is entering the house is through the new concrete floor that was just poured a few months earlier.

It bubbles up through the cracks faster and faster, filling the laundry room and master bedroom walk-in closet. We do our best to push it towards the new floor drain.