I’m having literal nightmares about the flipper

My stress from dealing with this house, being unemployed through the holidays, and having no way to prosecute the flipper has taken its toll on my mental health.

I’m angry that the county investigator gave up because they didn’t put much effort into finding him. I was able to find him within a few hours of phone calls. I’m furious that after I found him, all she did was leave a voicemail for him and then close the case when he didn’t call her back. But what sends me over the edge is when I found an invitation to the flipper’s destination wedding. In it, he has the gall to ask guests for cash instead of other gifts.

Today, I’m actually having recurring nightmares about the flipper. In them, I’m at the luxury hotel where he’s partying with his wedding guests. All of the money for this elegant wedding is coming out of my own bank account. I beg him to stop, but he just laughs in my face. I’m waking up every day enraged, exhausted, and depressed.