Major plumbing problems discovered

Demolition begins on my house. The master bedroom becomes a storage room for fixtures, parts, and appliances that are uninstalled.

At the same time, drywall is removed to allow migration of the main electrical service panel from the illegal walk-in closet location to inside the bedroom.

All of the cable TV, telephone, and low voltage wires have been discovered to be disconnected near the main service fuse box and simply covered with gypsum, sometimes with giant globs of drywall mud.

The laundry machines are unhooked. The laundry tub and cabinet are removed.

We discover a floor drain that was intentionally covered by the laundry tub base cabinet, and a number of other disturbing problems. With the drywall removed, it is easier to see the backwards Y-union and how the drain pipe was cemented into the cleanout access.

The bathroom vanity cabinet and sink are removed. The toilet is removed. The bathroom floor tile is removed. Some of the bathroom floor concrete is broken up to investigate improper drain pipes.

Drywall on the outside of the bathroom wall is removed to inspect the shower and toilet plumbing. Again, you can see that there were never any drain vent pipes installed.

The drywall ceiling of the laundry room is removed to reveal that one of the floor joists has been illegally cut more than 1/3rd of the way through to allow the upstairs bathtub drain pipe to pass through it. This leaves the joist severely weakened.