Look at this tangled mess

My electrician decided not to fix the problems in the house. It’s clear that many junction boxes are over crowded and a tangled mess, like this one.

An over crowded junction box resulting in a tangled mess of electrical wires.

I have already mapped the circuits of every outlet and light in the house. See how most of the outlets and lights are on Circuit A? But I haven’t traced every wire yet. I am sure there are more hidden junction boxes and poor wiring.

Floorplan illustration showing circuits and electrical problems.
Exclamation marks show where hidden or missing junction boxes have been found so far.

Will another electrician truly make things right, or simply bypass the problem? Can I trust someone else to unravel each circuit and rewire them properly?

I have decided to track down the free neutral problem myself. I will do this by checking each room one at a time. I will make sure every outlet in the room is on the same breaker. The lights will be on a separate breaker. Every time I finish a room, I will remove them from the free neutral circuits and put them on their own breakers. It is a process of elimination.