One Year into the Ordeal

It has been one year since I purchased the house. At present:

  • I believe the structural concerns have been addressed.
  • I believe the concrete and carpentry work is 50% finished.
  • I believe the electrical work is 90% finished.
  • I believe the plumbing work is 90% finished. I have not been billed for labor, yet.
  • I believe the HVAC work is 80% finished.
  • 50% of my square footage is still unusable, including the master bedroom, closet, bathroom, rec room, and dining room.
  • I have spent $14,701.85 so far to correct hidden code violations, $10,000 of which is on a credit card.
  • I have spent $1,571.84 to make planned improvements and upgrades to the house.
  • I have spent $1,141.17 compensating for incidental emergencies.
  • A criminal investigation is still in progress by Anoka County.

I am extremely grateful to my friends, family, and strangers alike who have helped me do salvage work, keep my spirits up, and continue stand with me as I fight predatory remodeling.