2 years since the flipper swindled us

It has been 2 years since the flipper sold us our house.

Repairs have STOPPED because we reached our credit limit months ago.

Apart from dealing with the house problems, we’ve also endured some unforeseen life events, including major medical bills, employment changes, and the loss of a vehicle we cannot afford to replace.

Our current strategy is to:

At present, the house still needs the following major repairs and recovery work, in order of priority:

  1. Yard grading and drainage systems (to prevent more flooding). Estimated $8,000
  2. Drain tile and sump pump installation (to prevent more flooding). Estimated $6,000
  3. Concrete excavation and repairs to basement floor and front entryway stoop (to prevent more flooding and erosion). Estimated $5,000
  4. Lower-level bathroom reconstruction. Estimated $8,000
  5. Lower-level finishing (drywall, carpeting, paint, trim, fixtures, etc.) Estimated $4,000

Our ongoing thanks to our thousands of followers who continue to support our fight to end predatory remodeling by sharing our story.