Self-leveling concrete was poured too thick

My original general contractor used a very large batch of self-leveling concrete on the bathroom and laundry room floors. One of the reasons it failed is because he poured it too thick, and never cured properly. It will all have to be demolished to make way for the new drain tile anyway.

Self-leveling concrete that was poured too thick has cracked and broken away from the rest of the floor. A tape measure against the piece reads 1.75 inches thick.

Although we’ve already roughed in the bathroom framing and plumbing, it will have to be demolished to make way for the drain tile installation. Since we’ll have to rebuild it anyway, Amáda and I consider moving the wall about 16″. This will make the bathroom bigger, and will simplify an overhead white drain pipe.

The roughed in framing and plumbing of a bathroom wall will need to be demolished to make way for a drain tile instllation.
This overhead drain pipe will be simplified by reframing the wall in a better spot.