Flipper tried to hide ice dam damage!

I continue demolishing the damaged bedroom soffit.

There are two drywall sheets which have been installed with different fasteners, indicating that one of them was installed as part of a separate project. In this photo, the older drywall and insulation is on the left, and the newer drywall is on the right.

The larger pieces of newer drywall show evidence of this past year’s water damage.

When I remove the insulation, I discover that a large portion of the roof sheathing has been replaced with overlapping older, damaged sheathing from previous ice dams. Portions of the original sheathing are rotted and caved-in, with its original shingles still visible from the underside.

This date stamp on the new sheathing proves that this was recent work, completed shortly before the home went on the market in late 2012, and only a few months before I bought it. No permit was ever pulled for this work. This shoddy roofing project is likely the source of the shingles we’ve found buried throughout the back yard.