This framing sucks

It’s the most basic rule of American carpentry framing: Studs must be spaced evenly 16″ on center. It’s really simple when the wall measures exactly 8 feet. You also want that framing tightly fastened to something. The idiots who flipped our house didn’t even do that much right.

A stud wall with studs that aren't evenly spaced 16 inches apart.

Nothing says “I took a shortcut” like framing over drywall. That’s exactly what the flippers did at the end of this stud wall. On the backside of this wall is the mechanical closet where the furnace and water heater are. The drywall has some mold damage, so I decide to partially demolish the lousy parts of this wall and rebuild it later.

A house flipper did sloppy carpentry by framing over existing drywall.
Black mold formed on drywall that was near a water heater.