Mike Holmes: The Holmes Inspection

Predatory remodeling can happen to anybody. But it is possible to avoid becoming a victim by arming yourself with knowledge. This book could have saved us $100,000+ in damages, if we had studied it before buying. I don’t endorse products very often, but Mike’s advice in this book is worth every penny.

EXAMPLE: Never hire a real estate inspector. They are rarely qualified to adequately inspect your property and provide a knowledgeable report. What’s more, you should never ever hire an inspector that was recommended by your real estate agent. Instead, hire experienced individual TRADES INSPECTORS for each function of the house: electrical inspector, plumbing inspector, HVAC inspector, etc. They are the only people qualified to give you a true understanding of the property condition.

I don’t get any kick-backs from this endorsement. It’s simply a very educational book. I have loaned my copy to people so many times. You can find The Holmes Inspection on Amazon for about $21.