Wires stuffed under baseboards!

While cleaning up our demolished basement, Amáda discovers some wires stuffed under the baseboards, never properly run through the framing! These wires connect the ceiling lighting.

Ultimately, the basement needs drain tile and a sump pump to deal with the flooding issues we experienced in 2014. However, the basement remained dry throughout 2015. Considering that we can only afford one project this year, we decide to focus on the soil grade beneath our deck and leave the basement unfinished for the time being.

Because we were uncertain of our repairs timeframe, we had been keeping all of our furniture on the upper level, away from the demolition and construction work. Today, we know that the construction will not resume for at least another year, so we move some of the furniture back into the basement.

This frees-up lots of space in the upper level, including the dining room and a bedroom.