Vent and a switch

A fourth Bagster full of debris is hauled away ($144.00).

The plumber cuts out the old kitchen drain pipes, replaces them with new drain pipes, and attaches them to the rest of the new drainage system.

He also installs a vent stack that goes up through the ceiling and into the attic (temporarily, during winter). Eventually this will be extended all the way through the roof, and the stack itself will be boxed in drywall to match the rest of the house. This venting finally allows the kitchen sink and dishwasher to drain properly.

Meanwhile, I reconfigure the electrical under the sink, install an outlet in the existing junction box, and re-wire the garbage disposal with an AC cord. This is activated by an air switch that I installed in the counter top. ($94.22)

Later, the plumber hooks up (temporary) water lines for the washing machine, and I install a flush-mount dryer outlet.