That guy with the horrible house

A laptop showing the Hoodwinked House website.

This blog got a fatal virus in September 2017. It’s online again, backfilled with years of new stories and photos about predatory remodeling. I migrated the entire website from one content management system to a completely different one, mostly by hand. Much like the house, this website is safer and more stable than ever.

What’s this about?

I bought a house in 2013. Just days later, I found out that I had been swindled by a flipper when the house started falling apart. This blog went viral as I documented the unbelievable problems.

What’s happened since 2017?

A finished basement without furniture, showing recessed lighting, wood grain vinyl flooring, and double French glass doors.

The good news is, we completely fixed the house. It took us 6 years of personal labor working long hours every evening and weekend. There were many setbacks. Plans had to change more than once. Things we thought we had fixed needed to be fixed yet again. But in the end, it’s done and done correctly.

The bad news is that I’m still tallying-up 6 years of receipts. I know the repairs cost more than $100,000… probably closer to $130,000. We’re also still paying for those repairs above and beyond our mortgage and other bills.

Did I find out who did it?

Yes. I was able to track down the flipper and his associates. I’ve also worked with over a dozen attorneys, litigators, and investigators to find justice. The bottom line is that there is no way to collect damages from the flipper. None of the options we hoped for were available to us. We were fraud victims the moment I signed the paperwork at closing.

What’s next?

Frost Simula and Amáda Márquez Simula

I’ve learned a lot about real estate fraud over the years. I’ve also learned about the best ways to prevent predatory remodeling. More examples of this fraud has surfaced in our city, so officials have a renewed interest in preventative measures. I’m also currently working to get a home buyer protection bill through the state legislature. I’ll keep you updated about that.

Amáda and I thank you all for your years of ongoing support! Please continue to share this blog and warn home buyers about this type of fraud.