Flipper hid hole in the roof beneath new shingles!

It’s clear that before I bought the house, there was a hole in the roof, probably caused by someone stepping on rotten sheathing. The flipper simply overlaid the damaged area with new tar paper and shingles without actually repairing anything.

Their construction debris collected in the eves, piling more than 4″ deep, and blocking these vents.

My dad vacuums more than 10 gallons of debris out the eves to restore airflow. Cold air must flow into the attic to keep the roof cold, preventing ice buildup.

Attic ventilation chutes like this one used to extend all the way to the eves, but they were damaged during the roof collapse, and never replaced by the flipper.

I reinforce and patch the underside of the sheathing hole with some extra framing and plywood. Later, we replace the damaged attic ventilation chutes with new ones. I also clean and sand the dirty, mildewey trusses. Then, I paint them with a generous coat of mold-killing primer.

The vents are too small and sparse, not letting enough cold air into the attic. I cut some additional vent holes into the eves. Then, I install a long grille over the new vent holes.

These repairs restore cold airflow to the attic, keeping the roof cold.