Updating the Investigator

I call the Anoka County Investigators Office and report the new discoveries in the ongoing situation. The investigator believes it is a criminal case and asks me to present all of the documentation on the purchase of my home, photos of the problems, and estimates for repairs.

Were they load-bearing walls?

My dad takes photos of the trusses in my attic and emails them to a civil engineer with decades of architectural experience. We’re hoping he can determine if the trusses are manufactured or not, and if the walls that were removed from the main level of the house were load-bearing.

Main level is ceiling is safe

Over a dozen general contractors have looked at the house. One of them finally sends me an estimate in writing, totaling around $65,000.

I also hear back from the civil engineer who reports that the roof trusses are manufactured with a “Double Howe” design, and that the removed walls in the main level were not load bearing. The missing support column in the basement needs to be replaced immediately, however.

Our yard is full of shingles!

While trying to manage the overgrown back yard, I discover some roofing shingles scattered around the entire lawn. There are too many to count, and they have killed the sod beneath them. We know the flipper installed new roofing without a permit. Were these old shingles dumped in our back yard instead of being properly disposed?

Another TV interview

WCCO’s Liz Collin does a follow-up interview with me regarding my home crisis and what I plan to do about predatory remodeling.