Overkill hurricane ties added

Per the city building inspector, I add extra hurricane ties to every single joist in the deck framing.

Another real estate litigator looks at my case

I begin working with a litigator who has lots of experience handling real estate disputes. A deep-dive into the history of my purchase transaction begins, as well as all of the steps taken by other attorneys, and the Anoka County Attorney’s investigators.

Deck project is finished!

Our new deck passes final inspection, and the project is complete.

A little privacy, please?

It will be at least 1 more year until we can have drain tile and a sump pump installed, and 2 more years until we can afford to re-build the “finished” basement. In the meantime, we need to give the basement bathroom some privacy again.

I started by adding this temporary drywall sheeting on the outside of the bathroom wall.

Temporary sink installed

Our neighbor, Adrian Durand, gave us some quick advice and spare parts, so Amáda and I were able to install a temporary sink in the unfinished basement bathroom.

A bathroom door, maybe?

I install more temporary drywall and a temporary bathroom door.

This bathroom is now functional at a basic level until we can afford to properly re-build the “finished” basement.

Also, another Bagster full of construction debris is hauled away.