First coat of wall paint!

Amáda chose “Agreeable Beige” for the walls. The first coat of paint went in the laundry room today!

We also had to prepare for the flooring installation by moving everything off of the floor. This included the bathroom vanity, washer, dryer, a refrigerator, and more. Somehow, we squeezed them into the only place available: the bathroom.

Vinyl flooring installation

We chose a wood grain vinyl flooring product that is suitable for basements. It gets glued directly to the concrete. An installation team arrives and gets started.

Making my own plinth blocks

A custom made plinth block, painted white, for tall baseboards.

I can’t seem to find any plinth blocks that are the right size or style. I’ve decided to create a custom jig for a router table and make my own plinths. Meanwhile, Amáda continues painting the bathroom and I prime the laundry room baseboards.

Bathroom ceiling finished!

Amáda finishes the second coat of moisture-resistant paint on the bathroom ceiling. I finish painting the laundry room baseboards.

Bathroom lighting and paint

I install the bathroom ceiling light, bath fan, and heat lamp. Meanwhile, Amáda adds the first coat of moisture-resistant paint to the bathroom walls.

Vinyl flooring is lifting

Something is wrong. The new vinyl flooring is lifting in a few places. We contact the installer to fix it. Also, they never added a transition into the bathroom.

Wood grain vinyl flooring with a corner that has started to lift after installation.
A wood grain vinyl floor meets a bathroom tile floor, but it missing a transition between the two.