Bathroom tile and more metal studs

I uninstall the toilet once again, and continue framing the exterior walls with metal studs. Meanwhile, Amáda lays the bathroom tile. I’m so glad she has the tools and experience for this! I have neither.

Amáda lays new tile on the basement bathroom floor.

Deck skirting added

Our new deck is great, but in autumn lots of dry leaves collect under it and are hard to remove. To keep leaves out, I add some plastic lattice deck skirting, around the perimeter with an access door at one end.

Using a drill beneath a deck.
Lattice skirting around a deck.
Lattice skirting around a deck. There is an access door here.

All insulation and metal stud walls complete!

I work long hours into the night to finish off the last of the foamboard insulation and the metal stud walls around the perimeter of the basement.

Another new stud wall goes up

This stud wall is shared by the laundry room on one side, and the master bedroom closet on the other. Things are moving fast now.

Stud wall framing in a basement.

Framing the master bedroom wall

This is the last big framing that needs to be done. The new bedroom wall will have double French doors.

Framing closets and other odds and ends

I complete framing both of the closets in the two bedrooms. I also add nailer strips in corners and everywhere else that is appropriate.

Special framing under the stairs

Amáda asked for a special design under the stairs. There was already a stud wall holding up the middle of the stringers. I replaced that support with a custom made arch. Also, the framing outside of the stairs needed to line up with a few other parts of the new basement layout.

Rough framing of an archway beneath a basement staircase.

Baseboard nailers added. Framing finished!

My dad volunteers to help me install baseboard nailers around all of the walls. There are so many pieces, it’s almost like adding real baseboards.