Deck boards added

I continue adding deck boards.

Meanwhile, Amáda starts preparing the earth for the stair footing.

Concrete form for stair landing

Amáda finishes preparing the earth for the stair landing, and places the concrete form.

Meanwhile, I add most of the remaining deck boards.

Pouring concrete under 4th of July fireworks

Fireworks burst all around us as we work well into the night, pouring concrete for the stair landing. We place the J bolts into the concrete just as midnight tolls.

Trimming and cladding

We trim the excess deck boards on the angled edges, and add cladding to the stair framing.

I also make some brackets for anchoring the stairs framing to the concrete J-bolts and install them.

Stair treads and finishing cladding

I add the rim joist skirt cladding and the stair treads. The railing is on back-order, but we can’t resist putting some furniture on the new deck.

Railing assembly

I begin assembly of the railing posts by attaching angled brackets.

I also assess the need for blocking on the deck framing.