New basement design throws out the flipper’s mess.

We decide that our new basement design doesn’t need to save much of the old framing at all. At most, we’re going to keep the walls around the bathtub and furnace. Everything else is garbage.

New design of a finished basement. It includes 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, family room, laundry room, linen closet, and mechanical closet.

So far, we’ve tried to demolish as little of the basement as possible and salvage as much as we can. We thought this might be cheaper. But the flipper didn’t have an elegant plan for our house. Why should we try to save his layout? After all, we didn’t save the old deck. We tore it out and came up with our own design. The basement is much more complicated, but the idea is the same.


  • A drain tile system will keep everything absolutely dry
  • Our own layout will make more sense
  • Adding an egress window means we can have another legal bedroom (Bedroom 4)
  • Everything will be new and correct


An outlet covered with drywall!?!

While doing some demolition in the basement, I discovered an outlet covered with drywall. The flipper intentionally bent it back and covered it up.

An outlet covered with drywall is discovered during demolition.
An outlet junction box has been bent backwards and covered with drywall.

Temporary sink uninstalled

Seems like I just installed this temporary sink. It needs to be uninstalled to make way for the upcoming drain tile project.

A temporary sink in an unfinished basement.