First layer of drywall mud goes up.

The drywall mudding and taping has started. It’s only the first layer, so it looks pretty rough at this point. My contractor tells me not to worry, and that any mess will get cleaned up eventually. I’m not feeling very reassured.

He filled up my junction boxes with drywall mud!

Over the years I found several old, hidden junction boxes filled with drywall mud. The flipper did that. So the last thing I would expect from my drywall contractor is to fill up my new junction boxes with drywall mud! My new wiring is encased in dried mud! I am so tired of sloppy contractors! I’m furious and I let him know it. I demand that he clears and cleans every box back to pristine condition.

Mudding continues

My drywaller returns to continue mudding. He also brings an assistant who gets busy breaking dried mud out of all of my junction boxes.

Drywall is finished, paint purchased.

My drywall contractor finishes his work and collects his tools. Meanwhile, Amáda picks up a large order of primer and paint.

Primer goes on in the laundry room

It’s only a first coat, but it’s great to see the walls getting a uniform coat of white primer. Amáda is working room by room, starting with the laundry room. Meanwhile, I start working on trim carpentry, such as the window sills.

Second coat of primer in the laundry room.

Amáda doesn’t skip steps. She applies a second coat of primer to all of the walls. Next up: 2 coats of moisture-resistant paint on the ceiling.

Electrical service panels and outlets without covers on a primed wall in a basement.

Meanwhile, I start preparation work for a TV mount and cable tunnel.