Backwards stairs, extra rooms, and hidden mold

Credit: CBS

John Kozlik bought a house in South Minneapolis and discovered predatory remodeling done without permits or inspections.

  • A staircase had been removed and another one had been built in the same space going the opposite direction.
  • Electrical and plumbing work had been done without a permit.
  • A bathroom had been built without a permit.
  • The basement walls had water intrusion problems and severe mold that were concealed behind drywall.

After discovery, the home’s appraised value dropped 66%.

The house was sold by a flipper called Ace of Spaces, LLC. The company was dissolved shortly after the sale.

John describes the stressful ordeal as the worst period in his life. “The world became a much darker place for me.” he says. “And almost every business that does repairs or restoration were just there to fully capitalize on our loss.”

More of John’s story was aired on WCCO news.

Point of Sale Inspections are on the agenda!

I have an appointment with city staff to review my proposal for Point of Sale Inspections! This is another milestone, because anyone can complain to the city council, but getting on their meeting agenda with a staff-recommend solution is much more difficult. I have been waiting for this moment for 2 years.

I’m also starting to work at the state level and gaining some traction there.