Ice dam repairs begin

The roof is still badly damaged from winter’s ice dams. This same area of the roof is missing some flashing. This allowed the ice to open a hole in the siding which lets daylight (and rain water) into the attic and through the bedroom ceiling.

It appears that the flippers partially dealt with ice dams by using heat tape installed on a dedicated circuit. This winter past winter I learned that the circuit works, but the heat tape itself is shot. The ongoing damage to the bedroom soffit during summer months leads me to believe ice dams are only part of my problem.

Today, carpenters begin repairing the damaged roof.

This is only a part of the solution to this ongoing problem. Additionally, the eves will need to be cleared of any insulation that may have fallen into the soffit, and new heat tape will need to be installed.

Rotten fascia replaced

Repair work continues on the roof. Over the front door, one of the fascia boards was completely rotten, and has been removed for replacement.