Measuring the yard grade

It’s time to address the yard grade problem, which is directing water towards our foundation. The deck will also need to be removed, as it is rotten and not to code anyway.

I begin by constructing a mason line grid. These strings are level with the next door neighbor’s yard, illustrating how much much of a grade and erosion we need to deal with. There is nearly a 5′ elevation difference between our yards!

Amáda and I work together to take measurements throughout the grid. This will help us calculate the amount of landscaping materials we will need for a retaining wall project.

Unfinished, but functional.

Today, the plumber returned to connect the toilet and shower in our unfinished basement bathroom.

We do not have enough money to repair our entire basement in the foreseeable future. However, the new pipes have been ready to use for over a year, and there is no reason not to hook up the fixtures, if only temporarily.

We can finally remove those Post-It Notes!