New flooring has failed and needs to be uninstalled

Our new wood grain vinyl flooring has had problems with the corners lifting. After scratching their heads about it, the manufacturer of our flooring has determined that the adhesive product has failed. Their solution is to demolish the whole floor and replace it with a different product (at no cost to us). The good news is that the new product will look identical to the current one.

The bad news is that I’ve already installed doors, baseboards, trim, base cabinetry, and appliances in several of the rooms. Now, I’ll have to uninstall all of those items. I’m already so exhausted.

Closet systems installed

I install closet systems in our bedroom closets. Unfortunately, they don’t work as designed. The drawers don’t fully open or close because the wheels on the drawer slides collide with the screws that attach the rails to the cabinets. I’m so angry about the poor quality engineering that I’m thinking about uninstalling the whole thing and returning the entire system.

Closet systems installed in a pair of side-by-side closets.

I can’t believe I have to uninstall everything.

The flooring company is returning tomorrow to replace the faulty product. This laundry room was completely finished! But today I had to uninstall the appliances, cabinets, baseboards, trim, and doors. This is so depressing.

A finished basement laundry room that has been prepared to have the vinyl flooring removed.

Flooring installers left sloppy edges

The flooring installers did a sloppy job around the floor drain and sump pump cover. Why don’t installers show any craftsmanship?

Vinyl flooring around a round sump pump cover with sloppy, uneven edges.
Vinyl flooring around a circular basement floor drain with sloppy, uneven edges.