My first house!

Today I closed on my first house! $174,000 with 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, attached garage, and 2,170 square feet.

Tree falls on house

Less than 24 hours after closing, my next door neighbor’s giant oak tree falls onto my house! It had uprooted, crossed over the property line fence, puncturing the garage roof. Luckily, my day-old homeowner’s insurance covered the tree removal and house repair.

Move in day!

Soon, my family and I move in to our new home with the help of friends and relatives. It was beautifully finished from top to bottom. We were so excited to own our first house!

Day 2 – Bathroom fan replaced

Like any responsible home buyer, I had the property inspected before purchasing. One of the few things my inspector found was that this bathroom fan was not ducted through the roof, so it was blowing moisture into the attic. We promptly had it replaced by a professional. ($460.32)

New bathroom fan correctly ducted through the roof.

Day 3 – Subtle Hints

None of my cable outlets are working so I called my provider for service. ($64.25)

Cable TV wall outlet

The technician discovers that none of the outlets are hooked up to the household service except for one that is so badly damaged that it barely works.

A cupboard door that was never attached to its hinges.

I also discover that one of my cupboard doors is not attached and it comes off its hinges when opened.

Washing machine hookup hoses connected backwards

And the hookup hoses for my laundry machine are connected backwards. (Hot water connected to cold input and vice versa.)

While these are minor infractions, they help paint a bigger picture of the major problems that are about to be discovered.