Window well added

I install a window well around the surprise basement window we discovered.

Amáda continues to haul loads of dirt and raise the grade beneath the new deck footprint.

Covering the window well and fixing siding

I added a cover to the new window well.

Later, I used expanding foam and concrete patching to repair the damaged insulation around the foundation. I also replaced some old cedar siding on the dining room addition that was inappropriately fashioned around the old deck stairs. This was stained to match the existing siding.

Grading the side yard, too.

I haul the remainder of the fill dirt from the driveway to the side yard, where we will use it to correct the grade there.

Dirt used to correct the grade in a side yard.

Covering the grade with gravel

I begin hauling the gravel from the driveway to the new grade repair area beneath our deck project.

Grade is fixed!

I add the last of the gravel to the project area, covering the landscape fabric over our new fill soil. With this final step, the improper grade is now corrected, diverting rain water AWAY from the foundation. ($2,539.10)

We can now begin re-building the deck.

New deck construction begins!

Amáda and I add posts for the new deck, level them, attach mounting hardware, and install the first beam.

Deck beams finished

With the help of some neighbors, Amáda and I install the remaining deck beams. Later, I apply the rubberized sealant tape.