Flipper installs carpeting in flooding basement!

Even after the flooding, the basement still smells bad. I pull back the carpeting to investigate and find a lot of moisture around the edge of the basement floor. This new carpeting was installed by the flipper, but I decide to remove all of it as it is now ruined anyway. This includes carpeting in the master bedroom where there was additional moisture.

A stamp on the carpet padding shows that it was manufactured on December 27, 2012… less than 5 months before I purchased the home.

Flipper’s discount diswasher fails again

The dishwasher fails again. I call the same repair technician who has already serviced the unit 3 times, replacing the main control circuit board. The technician lets me know that the warranty period is now past, and replacing the control board a 4th time will cost me over $300. At the end of the call he shows some sympathy, saying that my diswasher is the cheapest, most unreliable model on the market, and is typically bought by home flippers. Replacing the dishwasher with a reliable unit will cost between $600-900.

New laundry tub plumbing and silcocks

Plumbing for the laundry tub is roughed-in.

The silcock shut-off valve is connected to the household water. One of the two faulty silcocks are replaced.