Credit cards maxxed out

We have exhausted our credit limit, and have no more funding for continued repairs (either contracted or DIY). The next several years will be spent paying down our excessive credit card debt for the repairs done to date, and doing any smaller repairs using cash out of pocket.

Attorney General shrugs

We receive a response from the Minnesota Attorney General’s office that includes the same information you could find from an internet search, including remodeling brochures and basic documentation about prosecuting real estate fraud. It’s not very relevant or helpful to our particular case.

On this same day, the Anoka County Property Assessor visits our home and inspects the damage. Based on his observations, he decides to lower our property’s taxable value considerably.

I’ve lost my job

I unexpectedly lost my job because my contract has ended early. This was our primary source of income. I have no doubt that I will find another one soon. But this setback comes at a time when we have maxxed-out our credit cards, when the county attorney has stopped helping us, and when morale is already low. I’ll do my best to keep my chin up.

No way to win this in court

After working with several litigators and fraud attorneys, there seems to be a general consensus that a civil suit would be futile. There is no hope of recovering any damages from the Seller, and no way to win anything from him in court under our current laws.

I renew my pledge to enact laws that protect homebuyers from predatory remodeling.