Wiring security flood lights

We have heightened security concerns, so I install a junction box and wiring for part of a new security system on the south side of the house.

More security system wiring

I install another junction box for the new security system on the east side of the house.

Pleading with the City Council

I learn that the Columbia Heights City Council has halted work on their Point of Sale best practices investigation, and I ask them for support to prevent more home buyers from becoming victims of predatory remodeling.

Blowing in new attic insulation

Confident that the roof problems, raccoon problems, and wiring problems are finally corrected, I add blown-in cellulose insulation to the attic to increase the home’s efficiency.

The job takes 33 bags of insulation, each of which must be fed into the hopper of a rented blower.

It is an incredibly messy job, and my dad gracious assists me by feeding the hopper for 9 long hours. The new insulation immediately makes the house more efficient, and the furnace does not run as often.

Meanwhile, Amáda uses some wood putty and paint to temporarily patch up the rotten window sill for the winter. This will need to be replaced eventually.