New soffit framing

Every inch counts, so I’m glad I found this new technique for making smaller soffit framing using 3/8″ OSB and 2x2s.

Lumber is staged on a basement floor for a construction project.
A steel I-beam in a basement that needs soffit framing.
Soffit framing around a beam in a basement using 3/8" OSB and 2x2s.

New stud wall framing

Based on our new design, I construct a new stud wall. This will be part of a new bedroom, make the bathroom bigger, and simplify some of the plumbing.

A stud wall constructed in a basement.

I also reframe the opposite wall that will house the bathroom door and light switches.

Buying a bathroom vanity, linen cabinet, and tile

Amáda and I visit a furniture liquidator and find a bathroom vanity we really like. We also spot a tall kitchen pantry cabinet that would work well in the new bathroom layout. What’s more, we also found a partial load of new floor tile that would work well in the same bathroom. We buy everything, rent a truck, and haul it home. Getting the vanity down into the basement was very difficult.

Bathroom plumbing roughed in… again.

My plumber roughs in the bathroom plumbing, vents, underground plumbing, and runs water lines into the new stud wall. We already did this once when we were trying to make repairs, but the drain tile project allowed us to rethink the bathroom layout.

Underground drain pipe runs through a trench in a basement floor.
Basement bathroom plumbing rough in with drain pipes and water lines attached to a stud wall.

Leveling up the bathroom floor

Because we moved the bathroom wall, I needed to add a small amount of self-leveling concrete to prepare for new tile.

Framing for the bathroom linen cabinet

Now that we have a linen cabinet, I begin framing a stud wall around it. You can see some of the new plumbing and the CAT6 network cables and conduit in the background.

Stud walls in a basement.
Stud wall framing for a linen cabinet in a basement bathroom.