New floor drain installed, stairs demolished

My plumber adds the new floor drain in the trench I dug. It passes inspection later in the day, and I backfill it with dirt.

I uninstall the toilet because it’s in the way of the drain tile project. Finally, I demolish the stair landing because drain tile needs to go beneath it as well.

New drain tile, sump pump, and windows installed!

All of that prep was worth it because we now have functioning drain tile, protecting our basement from flooding. As underground water levels rise, this system collects it in a sump pit, and then pumps it away from the house. The company I hired was nice enough to lay the finishing concrete on my new floor drain pipes, and did a great job adding swales around each drain.

New drain tile and floor drain in a basement.
Concrete swale around a new floor drain in a basement.

They also replaced 3 single-pane windows with glass block windows, replaced a leaking casement window, and added a second casement window with a new window well.

A new window is added to a basement.
Anew window is added to a basement with a window well.

The crew excavated the perimeter, recycled the old concrete, installed the system, backfilled it, laid new concrete, and installed two windows and a widow well in just one day! Finally, a contractor that has craftsmanship! I couldn’t be happier with the work.

An unfinished basement with new drain tile around the perimeter and new windows.

Moving a wall? Move the plumbing.

Because we’ve chosen to make the bathroom a bit bigger, I need to move the underground plumbing by digging a short trench.

Trench in a basement floor for new underground plumbing.

Rebuilding the stair landing

This stair landing had to be removed for the drain tile project. At some point, the bottom of the stringers were broken or cut. Today, I rebuild the landing and reinforce the broken stringers as best I can.

Basement stairs with landing removed for drain tile installation.
Framing for a basement stair landing.
Framing for a basement stair landing.
A basement stair landing with completed decking.